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Our project promotes a utopia free of pomposity. We describe our work reformative disruption and consider the project to have wider societal significance.


Pomposity is a means of indicating a position of power, a way of accruing a sense of privilege and importance for oneself. It is often a reflection of status, hierarchy, expertise, and personality. Pompousness encompasses a conversational power structure, intellectual queue-cutting, disregard for meeting others as equals, and showing those with lesser status their place.

When one’s own agenda becomes a priority over all else, the outcome is both blinding and deafening; learning is no longer of interest. One’s own status and the need to be in the right bypasses all attempts at communication, even if differing viewpoints were essential. Pomposity stifles conversation, encounters, and trust.
In a pomposity-free utopia the ’what,’ ’why,’ and ’how’ outweigh the ’who.’ Creativity, skills, and individuals are brought to the forefront. Eradication of pomposity supports equality in encounters, cooperation, and opportunities to be heard and understood. In such a utopia, everyone’s skills and expertise are valued, and focus can easily penetrate the veil of status and hierarchy.

Getting rid of pompousness manifests a will to invite, not to exclude. It aims to strengthen dialogue, participation, and democracy: a means to promote citizens’ wellbeing and capabilities. Pomposity-free utopia builds on a willingness to encounter and on the ability to think on one’s own as well as together, and to imagine things anew.

On the other hand, the eradication of pomposity also translates as self-irony, a gentle yet humorous look in the mirror. The journey towards a pomposity-free future is a collective process of realization and becoming aware.

The project has been launched and is run by the SID-Group in 2024-2025.

We’d like to extend our thanks to Kone Foundation for their support.

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